You may be new to cycling and unsure if it is a sport/pastime you wish to become involved in. We have a visitor’s rule which allows individuals to attend up to 3 of our club training sessions. These ‘visits’ are an ideal way to help you decide whether or not our club and/or cycling is for you. After the 3rd visit, an appropriate Cycling Ireland licence must be taken out along with either a membership or associate membership.


Cycling insurance (also referred to as a licence) is mandatory in order to join Ballina Cycling Club. Please log onto Here you can create an online account with Cycling Ireland and then you will be able to take out cycling insurance. While paying for cycling insurance, you should also pay for club membership. Below are the fees for the various licences and memberships.


  • Youth U-14 Licence €5
  • Youth U-16 (Full Competition) Licence €35
  • Youth U-18 (Full Competition) Licence €50
  • Leisure (Non-Competition) Licence €30
  • Limited Competition* €60
  • Full Competition** €125


  • Youth Membership €5
  • Adult Membership €15
  • Associate Membership*** €15


* Limited Competition Licences are for members wishing to participate in all domestic races except open races. Domestic racing includes bmx, road racing, off-raod, time trials, track, hill climbs.
** Full Competition Licences entitles members to participate in any kind of racing, including open races.
*** Associate Membership is available only on application to the Club Committee via the Club Secretary.